Reading With Rover, a 501(c)(3) organization
Thank you for today's event. My son really loves it. He's more confident and likes to read/talk to dogs instead of talking to people!


My son hasn't been to school since last March after the pandemic. We speak another language at home so after staying at home for 6 months with a minimum social interaction with others, we suddenly found it's so hard for him to speak any English, even when we talked in English, he wouldn't respond to us at all. We've enrolled him in several English online classes, joined library story time, read English picture books since September, but it seems there's no big progress. He understands most of English, but he still refuses to speak. I have a feeling that he's not confident and very shy to talk in English. Last week, I told him we would try to talk/read to a dog, and he was very excited and once he saw the dog in zoom, he started to speak English and he tried to read some books to the dogs. The 30 minutes was amazing and he said he would love to talk and read stories to dogs next time!


Thank you again for the event! I really appreciate it!