Date: 05.01.2017, Media Source: Above the Lake Magazine
Meet Patty, Ruby & Charlie

Date: 01.05.2017, Media Source: The Seattle City Sound
The Seattle City Sound 

Date: 04.02.2014, Media Source:
Rover as your teacher? Not so ruff.

Date: 03.06.2013, Media Source: The Seattle Times
Competitors to put best paw forward in dog show

Date: 10.13.2012, Media Source:
Reading With Rover: Dogs inspiring the joy of reading

Date: 10.01.2012, Media Source: University of Washington Bothell
Teaching with Passion, Volunteering for Childhood Development

Date: 08.15.2012, Media Source: University of Washington Bothell
Telling our Stories as Teachers: Digital Storytelling as a Reflective Process

Date: 07.31.2012, Media Source: Issaquah Press
Echo Glen Children’s Center students learn life lessons from canine pals

Date: 01.30.2012, Media Source: Monroe Monitor and Valley News
Reading with Rover mixes dogs and books

Date: 01.07.2011, Media Source: Seattle Kennel Club
Going to the dogs has special meaning, thanks to Reading with Rover

Date: 11.08.2011, Media Source: Arlington Public Schools
Eagle Creek Elementary Receives Donation from Reading with Rover

Date: 10.13.2011, Media Source:
Reading With Rover: Dogs inspiring the joy of reading

Date: 04.15.2011, Media Source: KING5 New Day Northwest with Margaret Larson Reading with Rover

Date: 03.17.2011, Media Source: Everett Herald
When Dog are the Audience, Youngsters Improve Reading Skills

Date: 02.23.2011, Media Source: KING5 Evening Magazine
Evening Magazine – Reading with Rover

Date: 01.26.2011, Media Source: Seattle’s Child
A Parent’s Review: Reading with Rover

Date: 12.08.2010, Media Source: The Arlington Times
Reading with Rover comes to Eagle Creek

Date: 11.01.2010, Media Source: Woodinville Weekly
Reading with Rover partners with local dog trainers

Date: 10.04.2010, Media Source: Journal Media Group
Therapy animals help in unexpected ways

Date: 01.28.2010, Media Source: KMPS Radio
KMPS’s Stubbs interviews our own Christy Dunn regarding her disaster relief trip to Haiti.

Date: 05.15.2009, Media Source: Regence BlueShield
Regence BlueShield’s tribute to Reading with Rover at Rose Hill Elementary School

Date: 01.15.2009, Media Source: R.E.A.D. Intermountain Therapy
Caleb’s Story

Date: 06.18.2008, Media Source: Pacific Publishing Company
Graham Hill Elementary students close school year with summer reading kick off featuring dogs, firefighters

Date: 05.21.2008, Media Source: NW Source
Dog is my tutor, sort of

Date: 12.06.2007, Media Source: The News Tribune
Young readers get dog-eared assist

Date: 11.01.2007, Media Source: Pet Connection Magazine
Help Lewis! The Story of a Service Dog

Date: 10.24.2007, Media Source: Federal Way News
Reading With Rover

Date: 10.20.2007, Media Source: Federal Way Mirror
Paws and listen for a while

Date: 07.25.2007, Media Source:
‘Reading with Rover’ still going strong

Date: 06.25.2007, Media Source: The Woodinville Weekly
‘Reading + Rover = Smiles all over’ wins slogan contest

Date: 06.17.2007, Media Source: KOMO and KING News
Sirius About Dogs’ Canine Festival

Date: 05.25.2007, Media Source: Edutopia E-zine
Gone To The Dogs

Date: 10.26.2006, Media Source: Everett Herald
Everyone likes Reading with Rover

Date: 08.01.2006, Media Source:
Reading With Rover

Date: 06.01.2006, Media Source: Mount Lebanon
Reading With Rover

Date: 04.24.2006, Media Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Go 2 Guy — It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and the Go 2 Guy isn’t cashing in

Date: 09.00.2005, Media Source: ParentMap
Every Child — Animals play key role for kids with special needs

Date: 11.23.2005, Media Source: NewsDay
A Little Ruff Love Helps Kids Read

Date: 11.23.2005, Media Source: HappyNews
Students’ Dogged Pursuit in Reading

Date: 11.01.2005, Media Source: SeattlesChild
D-O-G Spells H-E-L-P

Date: 10.01.2005, Media Source: The South Whidbey Record
Blake and Gabby Reading on Whidbey Island

Date: 05.07.2005, Media Source: Neil Enns
Fun at Whole Foods Market!

Date: 12.02.2004, Media Source: Woodinville Weekly
Northshore’s Reading with Rover gets national exposure

Date: 12.02.2004, Media Source: KOMO 1000
Reading With Rover

Date: 11.29.2004, Media Source:
Northshore’s Reading with Rover gets national exposure

Date: 08.03.2004, Media Source: The Journal
Dog Day Afternoon

Date: 05.00.2004, Media Source: Borders Bookstore
Borders Interviews Glenn Murray, the author of “Walter The Farting Dog”

Date: 12.09.2003, Media Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Dogs and kids sit! Stay! Read!

Date: 08.11.2001, Media Source: Seattle Times
Sit, Stay, Read